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We offer free and optional paid for listings for all events (UK & Europe) which are Biker related or are of interest to the Motorcycle community, such as Rallies, Ride-outs, Rock-nights, Toy Runs and Shows.
Simply fill in the form below, including all relevant information and contact details and we will get you listed. Please do not send the text typed in capitals, as this will delay you getting listed - as we then need to re-write it all!

As this is predominantly a free service and as we include so many events in the What's On section, the information can take a lot of time to prepare, so we have changed the way we upload them. We advise that events are sent through to us at least 4 weeks prior to the event to ensure inclusion, as we may be out on the Bikes and your event will not be included.
Flyers are only included onto the website for those who choose to take an upgrade to a premium listing. We do not choose to include them as the main way to promote your event as they do not get picked up by search engines - the text does. If you want your event included it is simple... just fill in the form.
All questions marked with a * must be answered, the others are optional and/or if relevant. We include a code at the bottom to avoid spam, however if you cannot read it simply refresh the code until you can.

Biker Events Form
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  • * We also offer an e-shot service, where we send out your details out to over 10,000 contacts, along with a facebook post:
  • Please note the premium listing and/or eshot require payment to us within 7 days:
  • * Does your club go touring and stop in Biker Friendly accommodation in the UK or Europe? :
  • * We sometimes send out cards and booklets, which are of interest to the Biker Community. Would you like us to send for your event?:
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Please note we have a limited number of free banners and booklets, so we will contact those who are awarded one!

"Stormin' the Castle worked with THE BIKER GUIDE to promote the rally. This year we wanted to attract more visitors, THE BIKER GUIDE ran a competition to win tickets for the rally and also included a premium add about STC in every e-mail shot they did. I was surprised by the click through rate putting THE BIKER GUIDE 3rd in our referrals statistics.

Sharon has been a pleasure to deal with and I look forward to working with her and the company again next year."

Greg STC Advertising

We generally upload events onto the website on a Monday morning before 9am, so please ensure you send over details of any events in time, so we can get you listed and for all to see... and for all to attend. 

As this is predominantly a free service, to ensure inclusion events need to be sent through to us (via the form) at least 4 weeks prior to the event. 

Flyers are only included onto the website for those who choose to take an upgrade to a premium listing. We do not choose to include them as the main way to promote your event as they do not get picked up by search engines - the text does! If you want your event included it is simple... just fill in the form.
We have chosen to not include details such as the postal address for sending payment to, due to security reasons and encourage you to have this information clearly displayed on your own website, for those who require it.
If you are using an ipad to fill in this form, please ensure cookies is allowed. For anyone still having issues with this form you can copy and paste the layout below and send it as an email to [email protected]
Please note, we have a limited number of BIKERS WELCOME banners for distribution and will be in touch with those who we will send to. It is also worth noting that we tend to send these banners out towards the start of the year and have a limited number which we can send each year for free. This also applies to the sending of the free books. 

Due to the high level of organisers who are asking for us to promote their event via a competition and due to the limited amount of competitions we can offer at any one time, we prioritise who we can indeed include as a competition starting with those who choose extra promoting with us such as the premium listing and/or the e-shot service. For anyone who shows an interest (marked on the form) and would like to offer tickets as a prize, if we can include you we will contact you prior to the competition and will require the tickets to be sent to us so that we can send the winners the prize direct from us.
It is also worth noting that we plan the competitions throughout the year and they are usually planned 6 - 8 weeks in advance. The standard promoting of an event will be on the website (via the competitions page) and also on our facebook page

We reserve the right to edit, correct the spelling and grammar, amend and more, of all listings sent to THE BIKER GUIDE®.
As we include so many events for various clubs and organisers, we will not include wording such as - 'the best', 'the largest', 'the most popular' and/or anything else which is not proven and could mislead.
Events are written in a review way, using terms such as 'the', 'them' and 'they', rather than 'us', 'we' and 'us', which could make visitors of THE BIKER GUIDE believe that it is THE BIKER GUIDE that are hosting the event.
* Please note when requesting a premium listing @ £12.50 until the event date, if this is submitted with less than one month until said event it will be billed @ £12.50. The £12.50 a month includes each calendar month the listing appears on the website, i.e., if a premium listing is booked and appears on the website for part of a month then £12.50 is charged plus any other months until the said event. 

** For the e-shot service we will take the information from the information you have sent over and adjust it where necessary. If no image is sent we will take the most appropriate one from your website. The eshot are sent when we deem them most appropriate to get you the best response.
*** Based on May 2017 monthly figures
**** Unless you have chosen a paid for adverting option (premium listing and/or an eshot) 

***** Events that take the premium listing apear towards the top of the page in date order

This service is for events held in the UK and Europe. 
THE BIKER GUIDE® would like to state that if you request a premium listing and/or our e-shot service, this means you have entered into a contract for the amount stated, which requires payment in 7 days. If we do not receive the payment we may have to presume that the event is cancelled or was sent to us in error, so with this in mind the event would then sit on our website marked as Cancelled until the payment was sent to us as per your order. We have made this decision due to far too many time wasters and unscrupulous people marking the paid for options and then not making the payment. 
If an event is sent to us, where a premium listing and/or an e-shot is ticked and then is not paid for, we may choose to remove the listing from the events section and will refuse to work with the organiser/event in the future. If payment is not made and we remove the listing, this does not mean the contract and/or invoice will be cancelled. We will continue to pursue payment, when the full amount is not paid within the payment terms. We may charge late payment fees (under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998). If payments are not received we may also begin legal action, without warning. The costs of any legal proceedings, along with interest incurred (under the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Act 1998), will also be due, in addition to the debt.

If you have already sent over your event and have changes simply Update your event - Click to be redirected

For anyone still having issues with this form you can copy and paste the layout below and send it as an email to [email protected]

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