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A very effective way to reach your potential customers and get an instant message to them is through email /facebook posts and here @ THE BIKER GUIDE® we offer an e-shot service where we send your details to our large databases and also via our facebook pages and groups (circa 40,000+) . Fill in the form

We produce interesting and creative e-shot campaigns which are strategically sent throughout the year, to a targeted audience so that all involved get the ultimate response.

With these campaigns we include a fastbook post onto our popular page, which have been very succesful. One such post was seen by over 42,000 in less than 24 hours!

eshot exposure

These campaigns are a popular to get your information out quickly to a large audience and are ideal for extra exposure for your business, to promote events and also to recruit participants for tv programmes, trials and for research.

For example, an event planned for July would be included within an e-shot in May (to enhance pre-book sales) and also included on our facebook page and group in the 6 weeks prior to the actual event.

As we have an opt in mailing list and as we expertly create the title of the message, we avoid most spam boxes and so have a large open rate, with many of those clicking through to the websites of those included within the e-shot.

The e-shots have a high open rate, where one data base has an average of 57.8% on the last 3 campaigns. See below;

E-shot have a high open rate. One data base has an average of 57.8% on the

Why so many get it 'so' wrong!

Many companies send out emails with no design or images included, without an interesting subject line, far too often (do you really need to hear from them 3 times a week?), so that others can see all recipients emails, with nothing of interest (just a sales message) and at the wrong time of day and/or week... from this the audience becomes disinterested, annoyed and unsubscribe from the said mailing list and basically delete the company from their own interests!

Please find below some examples of previous campaigns:

Merry Christmas from THE BIKER GUIDE®, plus events for 2013 - Go Click

Rooms with a view, Ride to the Wall, 5% off new kit and like us on facebook... please! - Go Click

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Blackpool Classic Car and Bike Show, a quirky place, win a Motorcycle Cleaning Kit and more... Go Click

We can also work with you to create your own direct marketing to just your email lists - please just ask for more details on this.

Other campaigns include

Stormin' the Castle, a great Biker Friendly Campsite and more...

Win tickets to 3 great rallies, Biker Friendly in Derbyshire and Germany and more...

Easter Sunday Egg Runs, great places for groups and camping @ Le Mans!  

Win tickets to Into the Valley. Foggy & Whit, Biker Friendly in Germany

Christmas in the Canaries, Motorcycle Delivery, interesting people wanted and more...

Win tickets to the Manchester Bike Show. Also Motorcycle delivery, do you fancy France?

Fill in the form below for an e-shot. 

All questions marked with a * must be answered. We include a code at the bottom to avoid spam, however if you cannot read it simply refresh the code until you can!
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e-shot Campaign Service
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For the e-shot service we will take the information from the information you have sent over and adjust it where necessary. If no image is sent we will take the most appropriate one from your website. The eshot are sent when we deem them most appropriate to get you the best response. If you have special requests please state at the time of booking. 

We structure the text for each client to include information that is relevant with external links for when the reader wants more information, rather than include vast amounts of words that can bore the reader and have the adverse effect of advertising. With this in mind we aim at 150 words per client.  An e-shot will generally include five different advertisers, along with other editorial style text/images. 

Due to a high volume of requests for the e-shots and as there is limted space we do suggest booking these in advance and at least 6 weeks prior to any date specific event.

The e-shots are sent to our database which is from visitors and contributors (for events) to the website. We will also post the information seperately on the facebook page. 

To protect our brand and clients, the e-shots are not sent to our advertisers. 
By filling in this form and sending it to us you are entering into a contract for the ticked amount of payment between yourselves and THE BIKER GUIDE®.

Payment Options
An invoice will be issued to you, to make payment for the e-shot proir to the e-shot being sent out. Payment may be made by paypal, cheque or card.

Advertising Terms & Conditions

Some companies will only do work when payment is received, however we are more trusting than that and hope our clients appriciate this.

Payment terms for e-shots are 7 days* from when your information has been processed by us, and must be made before the e-shot is sent. Any none payments of any type of advert, agreed by yourself either by sending through a form or by agreement via the telephone, including listings, printed adverts, e-shots, links, etc, that have a fee attached, may be forwarded to a debt collecting agency if they remain unpaid and we reserve the right to refuse to deal with any such companies who we believe have or are wasting our valuable time and efforts.  

Once we have an agreement to any form of advert, that have a fee attached there is no option to cancel. We pride ourselves on the work that we will do in preparing and researching for any client, whether that be on-line or in print.

Once a client has agreed to any form of advertising we will prepare and secure your space, which sometimes means that we do not approach any other similar style of business to yourself and also that we turn down bookings as space is limted.

This relates to any form of advertising with us (on-line, in print and e-shots). In the case of e-shots once we have the booking we will plan and add the information to our schedule and in the case of a cancelled event, we continue to include the information with a cancelled notice.

For this we have strict payment terms of any adverting (e-shots, listings, etc...)  or agreement for any printed advertisment (unless otherwise stated).

* Unless you require the e-shot sent out quicker.